Chapter News

1st "Green"ish Jacket in South Carolina

2nd tournament ever in South Carolina and we had our 2nd different winner. Shawn battled through narrow fairways, occasional water spot and a member-guest tournament at the facility to claim Charleston's 1st "Green"ish jacket!! Well played sir.

The day was eventful and we even had a 1st tee drive with someone wearing sandals. Considering he showed up on his tee time, that is a different story. We even had our 1st female golfer and she kept her own, with constant $h1t talking and supplying the PBR Cold Brew. Yes I said PBR Cold Brew. Josh had the key to the red tees and even got longest drive. Made the green 2 and as he lined up to get his 3rd shot to drain in the cup.....Nope......2nd try.......nope......3rd try......YES (in true mediocrity)!! Great job buddy.

Giving it all, everyone had a great time and next up.........Charleston National.

Event Results

1.Shawn Jolley99$0.87
2.Matthew Lee105$0.58
3.Daniel Peters107$0.48
4.Josh Masuga113$0.43
5.Joshua Thigpen115$0.39
6.Ben Masuga117$0.31
6.Ricky Leach117$0.31
8.Courtney Elizabeth Zorn Sloman118$0.24
9.Zach Sloman 120$0.19
10.Jason Uebelhoer 129$0.14
11.Adam Miller 130$0.10