Tampa Rebel Beach Am-Am 2019

Saturday, March 23, 2019 - 8:50am
Registration Closes March 19, 2019

Brad Campbell
Most Mediocre
Jeff Gee
Biggest Meltdown
Bruce Campbell
Longest Drive
JJ "Da Boss" Gee
Closest To Pin
Bruce Campbell
Gross Award
Brad Campbell
Key to the Red Tee
Brian Campbell
Event Results
1.Brad Campbell91$1.12
2.Tom Wilkes91$0.74
3.Barry Robinson96$0.62
4.Doc Schaub97$0.50
4.Mike Schuyler97$0.50
4.JJ "Da Boss" Gee 97$0.50
7.Bret Fuller99$0.37
8.Billy Bones Cusick100$0.31
9.Amy Fields101$0.22
9.Carl Chilly Dip Canestrano101$0.22
11.Mark Eads102$0.12
12.Doug Rea103$0.06
13.Jeff Gee104$0.06
14.Bruce Campbell105$0.04
15.Russell Chambers107$0.02
15.Freddy Fredericks 107$0.02
17.Dina Pizzuto108$0.00
17.Mike Adams108$0.00
19.Gregory Boast109$0.00
19.Bryan Sniezek109$0.00
21.Richard Blank110$0.00
22.Frank Chisenhall 112$0.00
22.Caleb Medley112$0.00
24.Chris Adams113$0.00
25.Jospeh VanCoppenolle114$0.00
26.Brian Campbell133$0.00
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Is this going to be Ariel's year like Lefty's? Or is Bret going to dominate the field again? We found his kryptonite last year, birthday parties the night before competition. Or, will there be some other dark horse that makes a breakthrough this season and takes the kinda big check? Rumor has it we may be seeing an OG return from a hiatus this year, keep your eyes on the signup roster! In the spirit of mocking (emulating?) The PGA, we will be hitting Pebble twice this season, our second go round will be for the F.U. open. They've promised they won't be narrowing the fairways like that other course with Pebble in its name is for that other "Open" though. Lets see who read this far... hey millennials I'm #woke now and take venmo per your requests. I now identify as a hipster, this week. Send me money @ChrisAdamsMGA then get off my lawn!



Group 1 - 8:50AM
  • 1. Carl Chilly Dip Canestrano
  • 2. Barry Robinson
Group 2 - 8:50AM
  • 1. Chris Adams
  • 2. Mike Adams
  • 3. Russell Chambers
  • 4. John Montagnino
Group 3 - 8:50AM
  • 1. Freddy Fredericks
  • 2. Mark Eads
  • 3. Richard Blank
Group 4 - 8:50AM
  • 1. Caleb Medley
  • 2. Tom Wilkes
  • 3. Doug Rea
  • 4. Bryan Sniezek
Group 5 - 8:50AM
  • 1. Bruce Campbell
  • 2. Brad Campbell
  • 3. Gregory Boast
  • 4. Brian Campbell
Group 6 - 8:50AM
  • 1. Jeff Gee
  • 2. JJ "Da Boss" Gee
  • 3. Bret Fuller
  • 4. Jospeh VanCoppenolle
Group 7 - 8:50AM
  • 1. Amy Fields
  • 2. Frank Chisenhall
  • 3. Doc Schaub
Group 8 - 8:50AM
  • 1. Billy Bones Cusick
  • 2. Mike Schuyler
  • 3. Dina Pizzuto

0 Crappy Players Registered

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