Tampa Rebel Beach Am-Am 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017 - 10:00am
Registration Closes March 15, 2017

Jason Dangel
Most Mediocre
JJ "Da Boss" Gee
Biggest Meltdown
Jeff Gee
Longest Drive
Carl Canestrano
Closest To Pin
Carl Canestrano
Gross Award
Jason Dangel
Key to the Red Tee
John Poff
Event Results
1.Jason Dangel103$0.77
2.Ariel Rodriguez104$0.51
3.Carl Canestrano108$0.40
3.Pete "Padre" Bedell108$0.40
5.Billy Cusick111$0.32
5.JJ "Da Boss" Gee 111$0.32
7.Chris Adams112$0.26
8.Jeff Gee118$0.21
9.Bruce Campbell123$0.15
9.Tim Riley123$0.15
11.John Poff133$0.09
  • Purse
  • How to Pay
    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
  • Trophy
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it begins again! 2017 is starting off with the Rebel Beach Am-Am at Bloomingdale Golfer's Club. This is the only team event for the year. This year we will score things the same way that the rest of the chapters do, the right way. Total score of both players is your team score. You will play every shot, count every stroke, sink every putt, and drink every beer. Sign up before the deadline comes and goes like your drives! If your on the fence about it, let this tip you in the right direction... Beer Pitchers will be $8 and regular drafts will be $2.50 at the club house!



Group 1 - 10:00AM
  • 1. Billy Cusick
  • 2. Jeff Gee
  • 3. Carl Canestrano
  • 4. JJ "Da Boss" Gee
Group 2 - 10:08AM
  • 1. John Poff
  • 2. Tim Riley
  • 3. Jason Dangel
  • 4. Pete "Padre" Bedell
Group 3 - 10:16AM
  • 1. Ariel Rodriguez
  • 2. Bruce Campbell
  • 3. Chris Adams

0 Crappy Players Registered