Tampa FORE! Championship 2017

Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 9:35am
Registration Closes May 8, 2017

Karl Laswell
Most Mediocre
Bruce Campbell
Biggest Meltdown
Steven Poncin
Longest Drive
JJ "Da Boss" Gee
Closest To Pin
Bret Fuller
Gross Award
Bret Fuller
Key to the Red Tee
Andrea Knapp
Event Results
1.Karl Laswell91$1.71
2.Jospeh VanCoppenolle97$1.14
3.Jason Dangel98$0.95
4.Kal Kalamas100$0.81
4.Bret Fuller100$0.81
6.Steven Poncin101$0.67
7.JJ "Da Boss" Gee 102$0.57
8.Ariel Rodriguez103$0.43
8.Jeff Gee103$0.43
10.Bruce Campbell107$0.29
11.Chris Adams108$0.19
12.Andrew Leatherman110$0.10
13.Carl Chilly Dip Canestrano112$0.09
14.Amy Fields114$0.07
15.Stuart Murdock116$0.05
16.Glen Hallowell117$0.03
17.Tim Riley126$0.00
18.Andrea Knapp131$0.00
  • Purse
  • How to Pay
    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
  • Trophy
The FORE! Championship. This is probably the best named event for the errant rips sent rocketing off into someone else's fairway. In this event we not only admit mediocrity, we celebrate it! This is your shot at glory on the "Money" list with the biggest purse outside of the World Championships! We'll be hitting Summerfield Crossings for the first time this year. They've seen your scores and offered to throw in a small bucket of balls to help waste all your "good" shots before heading out on the course.



Group 1 - 9:35AM
  • 1. Karl Laswell
  • 2. Andrea Knapp
  • 3. Bret Fuller
  • 4. Bruce Campbell
Group 2 - 9:43AM
  • 1. Troy McNeal
  • 2. Pete "Padre" Bedell
  • 3. Carl Chilly Dip Canestrano
  • 4. Tim Riley
Group 3 - 9:51AM
  • 1. Ariel Rodriguez
  • 2. Stuart Murdock
  • 3. Andrew Leatherman
  • 4. JJ "Da Boss" Gee
Group 4 - 9:59AM
  • 1. Glen Hallowell
  • 2. Jason Dangel
  • 3. Jeff Gee
  • 4. Steven Poncin
Group 5 - 10:07AM
  • 1. Chris Adams
  • 2. Amy Fields
  • 3. Jospeh VanCoppenolle
  • 4. Kal Kalamas
Group 6 - 10:15AM

0 Crappy Players Registered

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