Chapter Leader: Mike Ao

Stockton Bratish Open 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016 - 9:00am
Registration Closes July 8, 2016

Most Mediocre
Angel Agbayani
Biggest Meltdown
glenn mendoza
Longest Drive
Jose Aguero
Closest To Pin
Bernabe Rayray
Key to the Red Tee
Kris Pal
Event Results
1.genemar casiquin87$1.18
2.John Norberg87$0.79
3.Angel Agbayani90$0.62
3.Michael Norberg90$0.62
5.Bernabe Rayray91$0.53
6.Mike A_o92$0.46
7.Emanuel Vierra95$0.39
8.Michael Lopez97$0.33
9.Rich Rasmussen 98$0.26
10.Jose Aguero99$0.20
11.Sam Post102$0.13
12.glenn mendoza104$0.07
13.Joshua Hawkins111$0.06
14.Keith Prasad122$0.05
15.Kris Pal123$0.03
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  • Trophy
The home of golf is celebrated with this tongue-in-cheek event. Traditionally played on a links style course if one can be found in town and in budget. The winner of this event is presented with the Claret Juggs and is guaranteed to get some double-takes while transporting the trophy back to his car. Fee includes cart, food & drink voucher, LD & CTP prize fund. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.



Group 1 - 9:00AM
  • 1. Michael Norberg
  • 2. John Norberg
  • 3. glenn mendoza
  • 4. Angel Agbayani
Group 2 - 9:08AM
  • 1. Michael Lopez
  • 2. Rich Rasmussen
  • 3. Jose Aguero
Group 3 - 9:16AM
  • 1. Bernabe Rayray
  • 2. genemar casiquin
  • 3. Kris Pal
  • 4. Keith Prasad
Group 4 - 9:24AM
  • 1. Emanuel Vierra
  • 2. Sam Post
  • 3. Joshua Hawkins
  • 4. Mike A_o

0 Crappy Players Registered