Spring Hill F.U. Open 2020

Saturday, August 1, 2020 - 8:00am
Registration Closes July 29, 2020

Mike Robin
Most Mediocre
Roy Fiehler
Biggest Meltdown
Craig Domini
Longest Drive
Randy Dunaway
Closest To Pin
Greg Brown
Gross Award
Mike Robin
Key to the Red Tee
Charly Osz
Event Results
1.Mike Robin89$1.35
2.Randy Dunaway90$0.90
3.Greg Brown93$0.75
4.Gary Springer94$0.68
5.David Smith96$0.60
6.Troy McNeal98$0.53
7.Donald Nogiewich99$0.41
7.Ian Peterson99$0.41
9.Wayne Eidson100$0.30
10.Leroy Hamilton102$0.23
11.Roy Fiehler103$0.11
11.John Grochowicz103$0.11
13.Janis Dunaway104$0.07
14.Greg bobrowski106$0.05
15.Lawrence Waterman108$0.04
16.Craig Domini110$0.02
17.Marion Kelley117$0.00
18.Charly Osz121$0.00
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The summer swing normally starts with the Freedom and Unity Open but we had to push back the date until now due to the CV. This is the most patriotic of all MGA events. Red white and blue come standard with this tournament and patriotic clothing is all but mandatory. Eagles, while all-but-extinct on a golf course full of mediocre players, will always feature heavily in this tournaments yearly trophy.

We're playing Lexington Oaks for the first time. It's a bit further than most of our courses but certainly worth the trip. And please be sure to make a good first impression with a large bar tab so we're welcomed back next year.

Registration and pre-payment is required before the registration deadline in order to be considered for any trophies and awards. You can pre-pay using the PayPal button above or pre-pay the Chapter Leader directly prior to the deadline.



Group 1 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Leroy Hamilton
  • 2. Troy McNeal
  • 3. Billy Bones Cusick
  • 4. JJ "Da Boss" Gee
Group 2 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Ian Peterson
  • 2. Mike Robin
  • 3. Gary Springer
  • 4. Greg bobrowski
Group 3 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Roy Fiehler
  • 2. John Grochowicz
  • 3. Marion Kelley
Group 4 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Charly Osz
  • 2. Greg Brown
  • 3. Lawrence Waterman
  • 4. Tom Wilkes
Group 5 - 8:00AM
  • 1. David Smith
  • 2. Donald Nogiewich
  • 3. Janis Dunaway
  • 4. Randy Dunaway
Group 6 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Craig Domini
  • 2. Wayne Eidson
  • 3. Pete "Padre" Bedell

0 Crappy Players Registered

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