Chapter Leader: Aaron Regan

Seattle Douche Bag Invitational 2018

Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 9:30am
Registration Closes September 11, 2018

Most Mediocre
M. D.
Biggest Meltdown
jason krouse
Longest Drive
Aaron Regan
Closest To Pin
Scott Lonheim
Gross Award
Zack McInelly
Key to the Red Tee
justin Thiele
Event Results
1.Brandon Steinberg86$1.35
2.Mike Krouse88$0.90
3.Jared Hardt89$0.71
3.Zack McInelly89$0.71
5.Scott Lonheim93$0.60
6.Kevin Dale94$0.49
6.John Weir94$0.49
8.M. D.95$0.34
8.Rob Skinner95$0.34
10.Joe Falsis96$0.23
11.Steve Palmer97$0.15
12.Justin Cone98$0.08
13.Aaron Regan100$0.07
14.David Hillerman101$0.05
15.Matt Englesby102$0.04
16.Ben Daines104$0.02
17.Danny Salonen105$0.00
18.jason krouse111$0.00
19.justin Thiele112$0.00
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We are taking the MGA tour to Bellevue, for the first ever SEAMGA tourney held at Bellevue Golf Course. The event tees at 9:30 AM and in order to play, you must be registered by September 8th. The Douche Bag Invitational encourages our members to wear their douchiest of fancy golf gear, which should fit right in, in Bellevue. There are only 2 tourneys left in the season so don't miss out and register now!



Group 1 - 9:30AM
  • 1. John Weir
  • 2. Kevin Dale
  • 3. Danny Salonen
  • 4. justin Thiele
Group 2 - 9:38AM
  • 1. Steve Palmer
  • 2. Ben Daines
Group 3 - 9:46AM
  • 1. Mike Krouse
  • 2. Zack McInelly
  • 3. Aaron Regan
  • 4. Rob Skinner
Group 4 - 9:54AM
  • 1. jason krouse
  • 2. M. D.
  • 3. David Hillerman
  • 4. Matt Englesby
Group 5 - 10:02AM
  • 1. Justin Cone
  • 2. Brandon Steinberg
  • 3. Scott Lonheim
  • 4. Jared Hardt

0 Crappy Players Registered

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