Orange County

Chapter Leader: Kenny Carlson

Orange County Rebel Beach Am-Am 2020

Saturday, May 30, 2020 - 8:10am
Registration Closes May 25, 2020

Jason Weamer
Most Mediocre
Ivan Hernandez
Biggest Meltdown
jeff cline
Longest Drive
Jason Weamer
Closest To Pin
Jason Weamer
Gross Award
Jason Weamer
Key to the Red Tee
Rikin Patel
Event Results
1.Jason Weamer83$1.12
3.Jeff Cool85$0.62
4.Bobby Foster86$0.53
4.Greg Valenzuela86$0.53
6.Tom Alexander89$0.43
7.Matt Schmidt90$0.37
8.Michael DeSio91$0.31
9.Ivan Hernandez92$0.25
10.Carl Swanstrom93$0.16
10.Jonathan Reatiga93$0.16
12.jeff cline94$0.06
13.Kenny Carlson96$0.05
13.Scott Miller96$0.05
15.Tony Morales99$0.03
16.Garran Hein100$0.02
17.Fred Valenzuela 102$0.00
18.Jamie Adams110$0.00
19.Greg Sr. Valenzuela112$0.00
20.Charles Day115$0.00
21.Rikin Patel125$0.00
22.Marshall AdamsDNF$0.00
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  • Trophy
Now the 2nd tournament of the season; the Rebel Beach Am-Am is where medios arrive with the highest of hopes and leave wondering what the hell just happened! This is a team event so grab someone you think is good or someone that's just fun to drink with. The team with the lowest combined score wins. There is still a solo winner though in case your partner drinks/smokes too much and melts down. It's gonna happen. The defending champ is Jon Reatiga who shot an even 80 and the defending team is Jon Reatiga and Mike DeSio with a very low 167. Can anyone beat that? Don't miss out on your chance at the 2-headed trophy. May your scores be low and bar tabs be high!



Group 1 - 8:10AM
  • 1. Kenny Carlson
  • 2. Greg Valenzuela
  • 3. Ivan Hernandez
  • 4. Matt Schmidt
Group 2 - 8:20AM
  • 1. Carl Swanstrom
  • 2. Scott Miller
  • 3. Fred Valenzuela
  • 4. Greg Sr. Valenzuela
Group 3 - 8:30AM
  • 1. Jeff Cool
  • 2. jeff cline
  • 3. Tom Alexander
  • 4. Jason Weamer
Group 4 - 8:40AM
  • 1.
  • 2. Bobby Foster
  • 3. Tony Morales
  • 4. Garran Hein
Group 5 - 8:50AM
  • 1. Jonathan Reatiga
  • 2. Michael DeSio
  • 3. James Amezcua
Group 6 - 9:00AM
  • 1. Charles Day
  • 2. Rikin Patel
  • 3. Jamie Adams
  • 4. Marshall Adams

0 Crappy Players Registered

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