Orange County

Chapter Leader: Kenny Carlson

Orange County F.U. Open 2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015 - 7:00am
Registration Closes June 5, 2015

Michael DeSio
Most Mediocre
Aaron Guigar
Biggest Meltdown
Aaron Guigar
Longest Drive
James White
Closest To Pin
Andy Carlton
Gross Award
Michael DeSio
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Michael DeSio88$0.84
2.Casey Knoerr89$0.56
3.Brisa garnier91$0.47
4.Michael Masek94$0.38
4.Dan Hammond94$0.38
4.Aaron Guigar94$0.38
7.James White95$0.28
8.Toby Olsen96$0.23
9.Brian Weiske98$0.19
10.Andy Carlton104$0.14
  • Purse
  • Trophy
The F.U. Open is held at Fullerton Golf Course this year since everyone who plays at this course drops F bombs on every hole. At least it is the cheapest of all courses besides River View! The champ of last years FU went to Dan Hammond.



Group 1 - 7:00AM
  • 1. Toby Olsen
  • 2. Dan Hammond
  • 3. Brisa garnier
Group 2 - 7:08AM
  • 1. Casey Knoerr
  • 2. James White
  • 3. Brian Weiske
  • 4. Michael Masek
Group 3 - 7:16AM
  • 1. Andy Carlton
  • 2. Michael DeSio
  • 3. Aaron Guigar

0 Crappy Players Registered