Orange County

Chapter Leader: Kenny Carlson

Orange County Bratish Open 2017

Saturday, July 8, 2017 - 6:20am
Registration Closes June 20, 2017

Michael DeSio
Most Mediocre
Greg Valenzuela
Biggest Meltdown
Greg Sr. Valenzuela
Longest Drive
Matt Eshelman
Closest To Pin
Michael Masek
Gross Award
Phillip Valenzuela
Key to the Red Tee
Greg Sr. Valenzuela
Event Results
1.Michael DeSio91$1.26
2.Michael Masek93$0.84
3.Eric Frid94$0.70
4.James Ryhal98$0.63
5.Jason Weamer99$0.56
6.Kenny Carlson100$0.49
7.Greg Valenzuela101$0.39
7.Toby Olsen101$0.39
9.Matt Eshelman103$0.28
10.Charles Day104$0.21
11.Gavin Keeler105$0.14
12.James White107$0.07
13.John Woscek109$0.06
13.Ivan Hernandez109$0.06
15.Fred Valenzuela 113$0.04
16.Tony Morales115$0.02
17.Greg Sr. Valenzuela116$0.00
19.Phillip ValenzuelaDQ$0.00
19.Will OrrDNF$0.00
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  • Trophy
This major event for the coveted Juggs trophy will be held at Indian Wells as we have done for the past 4 years. Last years cross chapter event was won by OC and our very own Edward Howard won the Juggs. An early headcount and deposit will make sure you have a place at a tournament that is almost as fun as Vegas. We tee off early balls in the morning while temperatures are still in the low 80's. After we finish the round it's off to the pool and air conditioned award ceremony where your beer is constantly refilled by the sweat dripping from your face and hands. You keep drinking it though because you like the extra salt content. Hotel blocks, vacation rentals, and casinos will be booked so look out for more information via e-mail.



Group 1 - 6:20AM
  • 1. Toby Olsen
  • 2. Josh Olson
  • 3. Jon Morley
  • 4. Michael DeSio
Group 2 - 6:28AM
  • 1. Will Orr
  • 2. Greg Valenzuela
  • 3. Eric Frid
  • 4. James White
Group 3 - 6:36AM
  • 1. Matt Eshelman
  • 2. James Ryhal
  • 3. John Woscek
  • 4. Kenny Carlson
Group 4 - 6:44AM
  • 1. Rockin Ryan
  • 2. Lawrence Kelly
  • 3. Christopher Garcia
  • 4. Jeff Olson
Group 5 - 6:52AM
  • 1. Charles Day
  • 2. Phillip Valenzuela
  • 3. Greg Sr. Valenzuela
  • 4. Fred Valenzuela
Group 6 - 7:00AM
  • 1. Tony Morales
  • 2. Michael Masek
  • 3. Gavin Keeler
  • 4. Ivan Hernandez
Group 7 - 7:08AM
  • 1. Tim Minamyer
  • 2. Jason Weamer

0 Crappy Players Registered