Oahu The MGA 2021

Saturday, May 29, 2021 - 8:04am
Registration Closes May 29, 2021

Most Mediocre
Biggest Meltdown
Benjamin Taylor
Longest Drive
Aran Wilson
Closest To Pin
Richard Pinger
Gross Award
Richard Pinger
Key to the Red Tee
Chris Carroll
Event Results
1.Richard Pinger85$1.35
2.Aran Wilson94$0.90
3.James Alarcon95$0.75
4.George Baxter99$0.64
4.Jason Stallsmith99$0.64
6.Alex Salgado104$0.49
6.Khane Kahoekapu104$0.49
8.scott fernandez105$0.38
9.Jeremiah Elsfelder106$0.30
10.Brady Brown109$0.19
10.Josh Kalama109$0.19
12.Lesley Stone112$0.08
13.Benjamin Taylor114$0.07
14.Garret Baker121$0.05
15.Clemente Cintron Jr122$0.04
16.Chris Carroll130$0.02
17.Carlos MarquezDNF$0.00
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  • How to Pay
    Go into the pro shop and pay them for your round!
  • Trophy
Time for the MGA folks. Sorry, it took a little while to get confirmation on where we are playing this one. Busy weekend for the courses and I am sure for you all as well! On that note, we're going to start this one early so you can all go enjoy the 3 days off. Due to the holiday weekend, the courses do not give a club rate so the $85 is just the round. I hope you can all come play as this course is amazing and should make for some good drinking! Cheers to you Oahu Chapter members and let's get another one started!! FORE!!



Group 1 - 8:04AM
  • 1. Josh Kalama
  • 2. Richard Pinger
  • 3. Alex Salgado
  • 4. Benjamin Taylor
Group 2 - 8:12AM
  • 1. Garret Baker
  • 2. Lesley Stone
  • 3. Jason Stallsmith
  • 4. Aran Wilson
Group 3 - 8:20AM
  • 1. Brady Brown
  • 2. George Baxter
  • 3. Khane Kahoekapu
Group 4 - 8:28AM
  • 1. Clemente Cintron Jr
  • 2. Jeremiah Elsfelder
  • 3. scott fernandez
  • 4. James Alarcon

0 Crappy Players Registered