Oahu F.U. Open 2021

Saturday, June 26, 2021 - 11:30am
Registration Closes June 25, 2021

James Alarcon
Most Mediocre
Jeremiah Elsfelder
Biggest Meltdown
Brady Brown
Longest Drive
Chris Carroll
Closest To Pin
Aran Wilson
Gross Award
James Alarcon
Key to the Red Tee
Chris Carroll
Event Results
1.James Alarcon95$1.10
2.Jason Stallsmith96$0.73
3.scott fernandez97$0.58
3.Shawn Ulsh97$0.58
5.Aran Wilson99$0.49
6.Richard Pinger100$0.43
7.Jeremiah Elsfelder103$0.37
8.Alex Salgado107$0.27
8.Lesley Stone107$0.27
10.Brady Brown111$0.18
11.Gary White112$0.12
12.Garret Baker117$0.06
13.Chris Carroll135$0.05
16.Carlos MarquezDNF$0.00
16.George BaxterDNF$0.00
16.Sean RuhlenDNF$0.00
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    Go into the pro shop and pay them for your round!
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Alright Oahu Chapter, here we go again! Now that my hangover is gone from the last tournament, let's plan the next one! Get ready for the FU Open which will be held at beautiful Waikele Country Club. I am sure my game will be just as shitty as the last couple of tournaments and hope that yours will be as well. I'm sure it will be hotter than hell, so make sure you bring plenty of beer to stay hydrated in the heat....or liquor. Whatever makes you guys worse so I can have a chance this time. The past few tournaments have been great and this one is looking to be another memorable one! Tell your friends to get signed up and let's get those longest drive and closest to the pin pots nice and fat! See you all on the tee box in a couple of weeks! CHEERS!!



Group 1 - 11:30AM
  • 1. Alex Salgado
  • 2. Carlos Marquez
  • 3. Richard Pinger
  • 4. scott fernandez
Group 2 - 11:38AM
  • 1. Jeremiah Elsfelder
  • 2. Brady Brown
  • 3. Chris Carroll
  • 4. James Alarcon
Group 3 - 11:46AM
  • 1. Shawn Ulsh
  • 2. Garret Baker
  • 3. George Baxter
  • 4. Aran Wilson
Group 4 - 11:54AM
  • 1. Jason Stallsmith
  • 2. Sean Ruhlen
  • 3. Lesley Stone
  • 4. Gary White

0 Crappy Players Registered

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