Midland The MGA 2022

Saturday, May 14, 2022 - 2:00pm
Registration Closes May 13, 2022

Matt Nunley
Most Mediocre
Soong Tam
Biggest Meltdown
Michael Heetland
Longest Drive
Matt Nunley
Closest To Pin
Shay Crawford
Gross Award
Matt Nunley
Key to the Red Tee
Ryan Herrera
Event Results
1.Matt Nunley90$1.01
2.Michael Heetland95$0.68
3.Jonathan DeMasters97$0.56
4.Shay Crawford98$0.51
5.Charlie Anders99$0.45
6.David Valdez101$0.37
6.Soong Tam101$0.37
8.Spencer Wiebusch103$0.28
9.Matt Brewer107$0.23
10.Josh Minor109$0.17
11.Jonathan Fry112$0.11
12.Ryan Herrera156$0.06
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The MGA Championship moved from August to May in 2019, mirroring the schedule shakeup of that "other tour". Probably a desperate attempt to make people give a shit about the least interesting major by cramming it in between all the good ones, but whatever, we'll roll with it. But wait, there's good news...the winner gets one of the coolest prizes I've ever seen in the form of a straight up golden bling medallion that will make your mediocrity shine above all the other alright medios, empowering its beholder to verbally trash and belittle the other medios into hiding...or you can be humble but that's boring. It's almost as cool as The Claret Juggs trophy (see Bratish Open Event



Group 1 - 2:00PM
  • 1. Matt Nunley
  • 2. Charlie Anders
  • 3. Spencer Wiebusch
  • 4. Ryan Herrera
Group 2 - 2:08PM
  • 1. Soong Tam
  • 2. Michael Heetland
  • 3. Jonathan Fry
  • 4. Shay Crawford
Group 3 - 2:16PM
  • 1. Josh Minor
  • 2. Matt Brewer
  • 3. David Valdez
  • 4. Jonathan DeMasters

0 Crappy Players Registered