Los Angeles

Chapter Leader: Fred Smilow

Los Angeles The Bastards 2021

Saturday, May 8, 2021 - 12:40pm
Registration Closes May 2, 2021

Most Mediocre
Mark David
Biggest Meltdown
Sam Barrow
Longest Drive
Closest To Pin
Fred Smilow
Gross Award
Andrew Atherton
Key to the Red Tee
Ruben Amezcua
Event Results
1.Kevin Quinlevan95$1.26
2.WILL ZABALA95$0.72
2.Andrew Atherton95$0.72
2.Fred Smilow95$0.72
5.James Amezcua96$0.56
6.J Scavo98$0.49
7.Dan Wolf99$0.42
8.Jon Thompson101$0.35
9.Ben Hinojosa102$0.21
9.Sam Barrow102$0.21
9.Patrick James Guerrero102$0.21
12.Ben Justin Laroza103$0.07
12.Ryan Balderian103$0.07
14.Mark David105$0.05
15.Tanner Padian109$0.04
16.Mike Posner110$0.02
17.Stanley Cha112$0.00
18.Dave Marino114$0.00
18.Kevin DiChillo 114$0.00
20.Alejandro Solorzano116$0.00
20.Jimmy Friedricks116$0.00
22.hector villagran117$0.00
23.Cathy Barna119$0.00
23.Andrew Keane119$0.00
25.Darrell Hackett121$0.00
25.Tyler Barry121$0.00
27.Ruben Amezcua129$0.00
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The Bastards returns to it's usual venue, Brookside #1 C.W. Koiner Course for a tradition kinda like some others. Tailgate after 11, first time 12:30.

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