Kent Island

Chapter Leader: Tim Shannon

Kent Island The MGA 2023

Saturday, May 20, 2023 - 11:00am
Registration Closes May 17, 2023

Most Mediocre
Brandon Hare
Biggest Meltdown
Josh Schreiner
Longest Drive
Jason Rasmussen
Closest To Pin
Gross Award
Jason Rasmussen
Key to the Red Tee
Doug Ogburn
Event Results
1.Jason Rasmussen93$0.93
2.Josh Schreiner94$0.62
3.Jeff Hawkins95$0.49
3.Tim Brennan95$0.49
5.Brandon Hare96$0.36
5.Stephen Pokora96$0.36
5.Tim Shannon96$0.36
8.Mike Conklin100$0.26
9.Justin Bateman104$0.21
10.Steve Bresnahan109$0.15
11.Doug Ogburn115$0.10
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  • Trophy
The MGA Championship moved from August to May in 2019, mirroring the schedule shakeup of that "other tour". Probably a desperate attempt to make people give a shit about the least interesting major by cramming it in between all the good ones, but whatever, we'll roll with it. During the 2019 offseason, El Presidente thought long and hard about how to make the MGA trophy something special. He's pretty sure he nailed it with the new bling and expects to see some serious braggin by anyone who is lucky enough to rock this ice.



Group 1 - 11:00AM
  • 1. Brandon Hare
  • 2. Jeff Hawkins
  • 3. Stephen Pokora
Group 2 - 11:08AM
  • 1. Steve Bresnahan
  • 2. Josh Schreiner
  • 3. Tim Brennan
  • 4. Doug Ogburn
Group 3 - 11:16AM
  • 1. Mike Conklin
  • 2. Justin Bateman
  • 3. Jason Rasmussen
  • 4. Tim Shannon

0 Crappy Players Registered