Hobart The Bastards 2019

Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 8:30am
Registration Closes April 5, 2019

Most Mediocre
Luke Mathyssen
Biggest Meltdown
Dale Potter
Longest Drive
James Teirney
Closest To Pin
Rob Braithwaite
Gross Award
James Teirney
Key to the Red Tee
Renate Ward
Event Results
1.Luke Mathyssen94$0.95
2.Dale Potter95$0.63
3.David Hamilton98$0.50
3.Ben March98$0.50
5.Rob Braithwaite101$0.42
6.Bruce Johnson102$0.37
7.Paul Johnson104$0.32
8.David Burdon105$0.26
9.Ben Hardaker107$0.21
10.Mark Derham112$0.16
11.Renate Ward142$0.11
17.James TeirneyDQ$0.00
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The blue trucker cap yet to have a two time winner! A few of the past winners unavailable for this event too it seems, so we may well have a first-timer again!

After the Am-Am we've got Braithwaite off the back tees and March off the front.

TAKE NOTE: North West Bay GC is in the Entertainment Book, so green fees for this event will sorted individually. Cost here is full price including chapter fee. Pay your own green fee on the day - sort a voucher with a mate if you're using one (save yourself $15) - and still paypal the chapter fee to me here.

Bastards breakfast on for previous winners!



Group 1 - 8:30AM
  • 1. Bruce Johnson
  • 2. James Teirney
  • 3. Paul Johnson
  • 4. Ben March
Group 2 - 8:38AM
  • 1. Luke Mathyssen
  • 2. Mark Derham
  • 3. Renate Ward
  • 4. Rob Braithwaite
Group 3 - 8:46AM
  • 1. Ben Hardaker
  • 2. Dale Potter
  • 3. David Burdon
  • 4. David Hamilton

0 Crappy Players Registered

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