gilbert FORE! Championship 2022

Sunday, August 21, 2022 - 8:00am
Registration Closes August 14, 2022

Michael DeSio
Most Mediocre
Matt Bush
Biggest Meltdown
David Axelrod
Longest Drive
Michael Enyart
Closest To Pin
Michael Enyart
Gross Award
Michael DeSio
Key to the Red Tee
David Axelrod
Event Results
1.Michael DeSio93$1.28
2.Shane Christy99$0.86
3.Chad Trujillo100$0.71
4.Jarrad Nelson102$0.61
4.Matt Bush102$0.61
6.Doug Iverson105$0.46
6.Michael Enyart105$0.46
8.Nathan Van Cleve110$0.36
9.Shane Short115$0.29
10.Andrew Reyes117$0.21
11.David Axelrod118$0.14
12.Antonio Patino129$0.07
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Nothing says FORE like playing a nice course and hitting the ball out of bounds. This course will test your target skills and you may need to bring some extra balls. Sign up now and get some practice in. Lots of new players and competition/ people to help look for your ball and laugh at you while you do.



Group 1 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Michael DeSio
  • 2. Shane Short
  • 3. Antonio Patino
  • 4. Jarrad Nelson
Group 2 - 8:08AM
  • 1. Michael Enyart
  • 2. Nathan Van Cleve
  • 3. Matt Bush
Group 3 - 8:16AM
  • 1. Doug Iverson
  • 2. David Axelrod
  • 3. Andrew Reyes
  • 4. Shane Christy

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