Fresno County

Chapter Leader: Ron Pack

Fresno County Rebel Beach Am-Am 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017 - 10:40am
Registration Closes March 15, 2017

Most Mediocre
Josh Sharp
Biggest Meltdown
Longest Drive
D. Scott Fitzgerald
Closest To Pin
Trell Cross
Gross Award
Matthew Butcher
Key to the Red Tee
Juan Galindo
Event Results
1.Matthew Butcher81$1.12
2.David Mercier93$0.74
3.Neil Blatner94$0.53
3.Josh Sharp94$0.53
3.Phil Grijalva94$0.53
3.Jonathan linzey94$0.53
7.Ryan Stockdale95$0.37
8.Gabriel Ibarra96$0.31
9.Trell Cross97$0.22
11.Jordan sharp98$0.12
12.D. Scott Fitzgerald99$0.06
13.Jake Howard100$0.06
14.Brandon Lyon101$0.04
15.Rafe Ybarra103$0.02
15.John Banuelos Jr103$0.02
17.Joseph St. Angelo 104$0.00
18.Chip Meredith110$0.00
19.Mando Mendez111$0.00
20.Ben Ramos112$0.00
21.Juan Galindo115$0.00
22.John Banuelos Sr.123$0.00
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Ok boys, the first REAL tournament of the season is here! Sunday March 19 @ 1040am! On $46 bucks for a round, cart and bucket of balls at the Fig. Get registered and get ready. Plan for a total time of around 4 hours start to finish. This is the Am-Am, so if you were here last year you remember how it works. For those of you who are new... Here's how it works; Each player has a partner. You'll each keep your own individual score throughout the round. At the end, there will be an individual winner as well as a low total team score, using each individual score.



Group 1 - 10:40AM
Group 2 - 10:48AM
Group 3 - 10:56AM
Group 4 - 11:04AM
Group 5 - 11:12AM
Group 6 - 11:20AM

0 Crappy Players Registered