Findlay Rebel Beach Am-Am 2021

Sunday, April 11, 2021 - 9:00am
Registration Closes April 4, 2021

Shawn Murphy
Most Mediocre
James Toler
Biggest Meltdown
Matt Lenhart
Longest Drive
Tim Anderson
Closest To Pin
Wayne Patton
Gross Award
Shawn Murphy
Key to the Red Tee
Matt Lenhart
Event Results
1.Shawn Murphy97$0.70
2.Tim Anderson100$0.47
3.Wayne Patton 104$0.39
4.Jason Miller105$0.33
4.Philip Sylak105$0.33
6.Kevin Fetters106$0.27
7.Tim Evans117$0.23
8.James Toler124$0.19
9.Ron Anderson131$0.16
10.Matt Lenhart155$0.12
11.Jordan BidwellDNF$0.00
  • Purse
  • How to Pay
    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
  • Trophy
Rebel Beach Am-Am 2021!!! This is our kickoff event for the 2021 Findlay MGA Inaugural Season! This is a partner event if you can find one, if not we will for you. Be prepared to have some fun and get to know a some new players in the area. Have fun and be mediocre!!!



Group 1 - 9:00AM
  • 1. Philip Sylak
  • 2. Tim Anderson
  • 3. Shawn Murphy
  • 4. Tim Evans
Group 2 - 9:00AM
  • 1. James Toler
  • 2. Ron Anderson
  • 3. Wayne Patton
  • 4. Kevin Fetters
Group 3 - 9:00AM
  • 1. Jordan Bidwell
  • 2. Matt Lenhart
  • 3. Jason Miller

0 Crappy Players Registered