D.C. Rebel Beach Am-Am 2021

Saturday, March 20, 2021 - 2:04pm
Registration Closes March 11, 2021

Matt McKinnon
Most Mediocre
Biggest Meltdown
Mark Magliocchetti
Longest Drive
Closest To Pin
Cody Vandevender
Gross Award
Bennie Kovach
Key to the Red Tee
Lauren Haspert
Event Results
1.Matt McKinnon83$0.98
2.Cody Vandevender87$0.65
3.Jay LeBlanc88$0.54
4.Karen Larson89$0.49
5.Ben Stecker94$0.38
5.Dick Sedwick94$0.38
5.Steve Gilbertson94$0.38
8.Santiago Reyes101$0.27
9.Mark Magliocchetti102$0.22
10.Gilbert Nelson108$0.16
11.Tom Donnellan109$0.11
12.Justin Dorsk110$0.05
13.Lauren Haspert117$0.05
17.Bennie KovachDQ$0.00
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Welcome to the start of the 2021 MGA Season. The Rebel Beach Am-Am is the season's only team event. So find a fellow MGAer, pair up and talk crazy shirt to the rest of the field, and then cower in humiliation when you post a solid 112. The double-headed trophies will be awarded to the team with the lowest net scores based on your MGA handicaps. The big check and "money" will be awarded to the lowest net (plus penalty strokes) score. ** If you want to participate in the closest to the pin contest, add $5 to your PayPal payment along with a message saying "CTP."



Group 1 - 2:04PM
  • 1. Lauren Haspert
  • 2. Matt McKinnon
Group 2 - 2:15PM
  • 1. Gilbert Nelson
  • 2. Tom Donnellan
  • 3. Karen Larson
  • 4. Bennie Kovach
Group 3 - 2:26PM
  • 1. Cody Vandevender
  • 2. Ben Stecker
  • 3. Santiago Reyes
  • 4. Steve Gilbertson
Group 4 - 2:37PM
  • 1. Mark Magliocchetti
  • 2. Dick Sedwick
  • 3. Justin Dorsk
  • 4. Jay LeBlanc

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