Conejo Valley The Last Gasp 2019

Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 9:30am
Registration Closes October 3, 2019

Steven Melvin
Most Mediocre
Brandon Jackson
Biggest Meltdown
Bert Michitsch
Longest Drive
Steven Melvin
Closest To Pin
William Steinmeyer
Gross Award
Steven Melvin
Key to the Red Tee
Gary Fraigun
Event Results
1.Steven Melvin87$1.12
2.William Steinmeyer90$0.74
3.James Smithson91$0.62
4.Robert Barnes 92$0.56
5.Joe Donia94$0.50
6.Russell Franc95$0.43
7.Jeremy Everakes 96$0.37
8.Brandon Jackson99$0.31
9.Christine Hardison101$0.22
9.Jeff Rickert101$0.22
11.Patrick Rodriguez102$0.12
12.Kevin Thomas 105$0.06
13.John McClelland109$0.06
14.Rob MacIntyre111$0.04
15.Bert Michitsch113$0.03
16.Gary Fraigun121$0.02
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  • Trophy
The final regular season event is your last chance to qualify for the MGA World Championships. Pull out all the stops and go for the win. It’s the last tournament of the year, can’t hold anything back now (because that's why you've been losing all this time right?).



Group 1 - 9:30AM
Group 2 - 9:38AM
Group 3 - 9:46AM
Group 4 - 9:54AM
Group 5 - 10:02AM

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