Chapter Leader: Eric Law

Charlotte Rebel Beach Am-Am 2020

Saturday, March 21, 2020 - 12:00pm
Registration Closes March 6, 2020

Most Mediocre
David Lively
Biggest Meltdown
Scott Buckelew
Longest Drive
Joseph Keselyak
Closest To Pin
Joseph Keselyak
Key to the Red Tee
Andrea Blosser
Event Results
1.Christopher Kirksey90$1.12
2.Dustin Martin90$0.74
3.Les Smith91$0.62
4.Matt Coffey95$0.56
5.Joe Scott97$0.50
6.Ross McKinnon98$0.43
7.Brendan Cash99$0.34
7.Kevin Karr99$0.34
9.Brian Theibert100$0.22
9.Scott Buckelew100$0.22
11.David Lively107$0.12
12.Eric Law108$0.06
13.Chris Blosser110$0.06
14.John Cababa112$0.04
14.Matt Baker112$0.04
16.Jon Folk113$0.02
16.Joseph Keselyak113$0.02
18.Richard Fletcher114$0.00
19.Scott Marek116$0.00
20.Kelly Ervin120$0.00
21.Andrea Blosser128$0.00
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We're good to go for Saturday's Am-Am (also known as the Social Distance Invitational), with tee times at Eagle Chase as follows (white tees unless otherwise specified, and please ignore the auto-generated tee times in the Pairings section below): 12:00PM: Eric Law (opting out of team competition); Matt Baker/Ross McKinnon. 12:10PM: Lee Fletcher (virtually teaming with Jon Folk); John Cababa/Scott Marek. 12:20PM: Jon Folk (virtually teaming with Lee Fletcher); Brendan Cash/Joe Scott. 12:30PM: Les Smith/Kevin Karr; Scott Buckelew/David Lively. 12:40PM: Chris Kirksey/Dustin Martin; Matt Coffey/Brian Theibert. 12:50PM: Andrea Blosser/Kelly Ervin (red tees); Chris Blosser/Joe Keselyak. Thanks to all of you for pre-paying! I'll pay the course for all of us when I get there. Look forward to the Zoom videoconference meet and greet Saturday morning at 8:30, and to seeing all of you from a safe distance at the course later on ;-) Thanks!



Group 1 - 12:00PM
  • 1. Eric Law
  • 2. Matt Baker
  • 3. Ross McKinnon
Group 2 - 12:08PM
  • 1. Richard Fletcher
  • 2. John Cababa
  • 3. Scott Marek
Group 3 - 12:16PM
  • 1. Jon Folk
  • 2. Brendan Cash
  • 3. Joe Scott
Group 4 - 12:24PM
  • 1. Les Smith
  • 2. Kevin Karr
  • 3. Scott Buckelew
  • 4. David Lively
Group 5 - 12:32PM
  • 1. Christopher Kirksey
  • 2. Dustin Martin
  • 3. Matt Coffey
  • 4. Brian Theibert
Group 6 - 12:40PM
  • 1. Andrea Blosser
  • 2. Kelly Ervin
  • 3. Chris Blosser
  • 4. Joseph Keselyak

0 Crappy Players Registered

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