Chapter Leader: Eric Law

Charlotte FORE! Championship 2021

Saturday, August 14, 2021 - 11:20am
Registration Closes August 10, 2021

Jeromy Long
Most Mediocre
David Rauch
Biggest Meltdown
Michael Hoffman
Longest Drive
Jeromy Long
Closest To Pin
Daniel Payne
Gross Award
Jeromy Long
Key to the Red Tee
Zachary Hill
Event Results
1.Jeromy Long91$0.96
2.Daniel Payne93$0.64
3.Andrew Holm94$0.53
4.Les Smith99$0.48
5.David Rauch101$0.43
6.Corey Thoesen103$0.35
6.Michael Hoffman103$0.35
8.Steve Olsen109$0.27
9.Zachary Hill111$0.21
15.Chris BlosserDNF$0.00
15.Eric LawDNF$0.00
15.Patrick McKinnonDNF$0.00
15.Scott GreigDNF$0.00
15.Scott HendersonDNF$0.00
15.Stanley LawDNF$0.00
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REVISED TEE TIMES AND PAIRINGS: We had a few late cancellations, so I had to cancel the 11:10 tee time and rearrange the pairings a bit. See the revised pairings below, including Michael Hoffman’s guest Sasi Taravath (who will be in Michael’s group at 11:20), and our newest member Scott Henderson! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!



Group 1 - 11:20AM
  • 1. Zachary Hill
  • 2. Steve Olsen
  • 3. Michael Hoffman
Group 2 - 11:30AM
  • 1. Daniel Payne
  • 2. Corey Thoesen
  • 3. Jeromy Long
  • 4. Patrick McKinnon
Group 3 - 11:40AM
  • 1. Eric Law
  • 2. Stanley Law
  • 3. Scott Henderson
  • 4. Chris Blosser
Group 4 - 11:50AM
  • 1. David Rauch
  • 2. Les Smith
  • 3. Andrew Holm
  • 4. Scott Greig

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