Chapter Leader: Eric Law

Charlotte Bratish Open 2021

Saturday, July 24, 2021 - 11:10am
Registration Closes July 21, 2021

Stanley Law
Most Mediocre
John Cababa
Biggest Meltdown
Richard Fletcher
Longest Drive
Corey Thoesen
Closest To Pin
David Lively
Gross Award
Daniel Payne
Key to the Red Tee
Richard Fletcher
Event Results
1.Stanley Law86$1.18
2.Daniel Payne86$0.72
2.Joe Scott86$0.72
4.Barry Finkelstein88$0.59
5.Dustin Martin93$0.53
6.Brian Theibert95$0.46
7.Corey Thoesen96$0.33
7.Jeromy Long96$0.33
7.John Cababa96$0.33
10.Eric Law98$0.16
10.Michael Hoffman98$0.16
12.Colin Madden100$0.06
12.David Lively100$0.06
14.Shane Brotherton104$0.05
15.Richard Fletcher125$0.03
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We’re all set for the F.U. Open this Saturday 7/24 at Emerald Lake! Can our own Colin M. take home this weekend's big prize? Please welcome Brian Theibert's cousin Julie Theibert (who is visiting and will join us as a guest), and our newest members Corey Thoesen and Jeromy Long (playing their first MGA event)! See the tee times and pairings below (Julie Theibert will be in Brian's group at 11:10). Final instructions are being sent by email. Thanks!



Group 1 - 11:10AM
  • 1. Brian Theibert
  • 2. Joe Scott
  • 3. Corey Thoesen
Group 2 - 11:20AM
  • 1. Barry Finkelstein
  • 2. Daniel Payne
  • 3. Dustin Martin
  • 4. Jeromy Long
Group 3 - 11:30AM
  • 1. Colin Madden
  • 2. John Cababa
  • 3. Michael Hoffman
  • 4. Richard Fletcher
Group 4 - 11:40AM
  • 1. Eric Law
  • 2. Stanley Law
  • 3. David Lively
  • 4. Shane Brotherton

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