Charleston FORE! Championship 2022

Saturday, August 13, 2022 - 1:00pm
Matthew Lee
Most Mediocre
Jason Uebelhoer
Biggest Meltdown
Chris Richardson
Longest Drive
Jason Uebelhoer
Closest To Pin
Joshua Masuga
Gross Award
Daniel Peters
Key to the Red Tee
Chris Richardson
Event Results
1.Matthew Lee89$1.50
2.Joshua Masuga89$0.91
2.Daniel Peters89$0.91
4.Henry Grimes91$0.75
5.Ben Masuga92$0.62
5.Shawn Jolley92$0.62
7.Jason Uebelhoer 95$0.50
8.Jose Aguayo96$0.42
9.Patrick McLellan98$0.33
10.Jesse Rowe100$0.25
11.Zach Sloman 101$0.17
12.Courtney Elizabeth Zorn Sloman108$0.08
13.Chris Richardson109$0.07
13.Joshua Thigpen109$0.07
  • Purse
  • Trophy
Payments Accepted

Venmo @Daniel-Peters-70

The FORE! Championship moved from May to August in 2019. The massive purse is sure to shake up some Chapter Money Lists late in the season, crushing the dreams of some while providing Miracle on Ice-esque moments for others. It remains the biggest purse of the year outside of the MGA World Championship.

Berkeley Country Club is going to be a good event, just ask some of the medios, that are members there. Let's all have a great time and don't forget to tip the beverage cart and all course personnel.



Group 1 - 1:00PM
  • 1. Patrick McLellan
  • 2. Jason Uebelhoer
  • 3. Chris Richardson
  • 4. Jose Aguayo
Group 2 - 1:10PM
  • 1. Jesse Rowe
  • 2. Matthew Lee
  • 3. Shawn Jolley
  • 4. Henry Grimes
Group 3 - 1:20PM
  • 1. Zach Sloman
  • 2. Courtney Elizabeth Zorn Sloman
Group 4 - 1:30PM
  • 1. Joshua Masuga
  • 2. Ben Masuga
  • 3. Daniel Peters
  • 4. Joshua Thigpen

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