Central Coast

Chapter Leader: Michael Goodman

Central Coast The Last Gasp 2021

Sunday, October 17, 2021 - 9:00am
Registration Closes October 14, 2021

Most Mediocre
ken whittle
Biggest Meltdown
ken whittle
Longest Drive
Seth Hughes
Closest To Pin
Patrick Stanhope
Gross Award
Alex Linn
Key to the Red Tee
Morgan Butz
Event Results
1.Michael Goodman88$0.84
2.Bob Bedard90$0.51
2.Seth Hughes90$0.51
4.Danny Butz92$0.42
5.Brad Wright94$0.35
5.TROY MILLER94$0.35
7.Richard Simmer95$0.28
8.ken whittle98$0.23
9.Patrick Stanhope100$0.19
10.Morgan Butz118$0.14
17.Alex LinnDQ$0.00
17.Andrew CherryDQ$0.00
  • Purse
  • How to Pay
    Go into the pro shop and pay them for your round!
  • Trophy
The last event before The World Championship in Las Vegas. This is the Last Gasp. Plenty will be on the line, chances to qualify for Las Vegas, overall money winner for 2021, last chance to win a closest to the pin or long drive. We end this trip where is started in March, Chalk Mountain in Atascadero. Good Luck



Group 1 - 9:00AM
  • 1. Patrick Stanhope
  • 2. Michael Goodman
Group 2 - 9:08AM
  • 1. Danny Butz
Group 3 - 9:16AM
  • 1. Andrew Cherry
  • 2. Richard Simmer
  • 3. Alex Linn
Group 4 - 9:24AM
  • 1. ken whittle
  • 3. Bob Bedard
Group 5 - 9:32AM
  • 1. Seth Hughes
  • 2. Brad Wright
  • 3. Morgan Butz

0 Crappy Players Registered

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