Chapter Leader: Vin Ferraro

Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 2020

Saturday, August 8, 2020 - 10:36am
Registration Closes July 31, 2020

Nat Gordon
Most Mediocre
Jake Stowell
Biggest Meltdown
Bill Cronin
Longest Drive
Mark Moriarty
Closest To Pin
Bill Cronin
Gross Award
George Hunt
Key to the Red Tee
Bill Cronin
Event Results
1.Nat Gordon92$1.12
2.Michael Halbach93$0.74
3.Andrew Southgate94$0.56
3.Mike Berk94$0.56
3.William T. Gergits94$0.56
6.Terry Boland96$0.43
7.George Hunt97$0.37
8.Jake Stowell99$0.31
9.Mark Moriarty103$0.25
10.Bruce Black104$0.19
11.Christos Christopoulos 107$0.09
11.Derek Peabody107$0.09
13.Bill Cronin109$0.05
13.Daniel Morse109$0.05
15.Matt McDonough116$0.03
16.Alvaro Perez120$0.02
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For the first time ever, the Rebel Beach Am-Am finds itself a midsummer slot and a new course: Black Swan Country Club.

The 2019 event saw Dan Morse and Michael Halbach stuff The Bear and The Hog’s 2017 finish in a locker, while taking over as best Am-Am team in history. The duo combined for 183 total strokes, coasting to a 12-stroke team victory, while finishing 1 and 2, respectively. The win launched Morse onto what would become his greatest career season, while the second place finish would help ensure Halbach’s eventual 2019 money title.

Be there in 2020 to see whether Morse and Halbach repeat!

COVID-19 Precautions in Effect:
-Cashless transactions (pre-pay for event and contests via PayPal)
-Motorized carts REQUIRED (1 player per cart, up to 4 carts per group)
-Golf carts are cleaned and sanitized after every use
-Only one grouping at a time allowed on tee
-Maintain 6-foot distance from other players throughout round
-Flagsticks to remain in throughout the round
-Coolers, ball washers, rakes and shoe cleaners have been removed
-Black Swan has raised cup liners to prevent the need for retrieving balls from the cup***
-Black Swan has eliminated the raised liners.
-MGA Guidelines 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.3, and 1.3.1 are rescinded – there will be no touching of other people’s balls OR shafts

***The USGA has published guidance on scoring with raised cup liners; click here and search for “raised hole-liners" . In cases where there is a question of whether the ball would have dropped into the cup, put it to a vote by all members of the foursome. Majority rules. In the event of a tie, flip a coin.

Additional items may be added at any time.

-Event-Only: $80
-Event + LD/CTP Competitions: $85
-Event + 50/50 Raffle: $85
-All-in (Event, Comps, 50/50): $90



Group 1 - 10:36AM
  • 1. Mike Berk
  • 2. Mark Moriarty
  • 3. Alvaro Perez
  • 4. Derek Peabody
Group 2 - 10:48AM
  • 1. Daniel Morse
  • 2. Michael Halbach
  • 3. Matt McDonough
  • 4. Bill Cronin
Group 3 - 11:00AM
  • 1. Terry Boland
  • 2. Nat Gordon
  • 3. William T. Gergits
  • 4. Jake Stowell
Group 4 - 11:12AM
  • 1. Andrew Southgate
  • 2. Christos Christopoulos
  • 3. Bruce Black
  • 4. George Hunt

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