Chapter Leader: Vin Ferraro

Boston The MGA 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 10:00am
Registration Closes August 4, 2017

Most Mediocre
Patrick Glendening
Biggest Meltdown
Mark Moriarty
Longest Drive
Brian Murray
Closest To Pin
Vin Ferraro
Gross Award
Glenn Lemieux
Key to the Red Tee
Mark Moriarty
Event Results
1.Gregory Gagnon89$1.35
2.Andrew Southgate90$0.90
3.Mike Berk93$0.75
4.Vin Ferraro94$0.68
5.Nick Anderson95$0.56
5.Glenn Lemieux95$0.56
7.Daniel Morse96$0.45
8.Nat Gordon99$0.38
9.Andrew Gordon100$0.26
9.Mark OBrien100$0.26
11.Patrick Glendening101$0.15
12.Tyler Colombo102$0.06
12.Colin Quigley102$0.06
12.Justin Limoli102$0.06
12.Jonathan Scully102$0.06
16.Jesse Drake104$0.02
17.Brian Murray111$0.00
18.Alvaro Perez112$0.00
19.Derek Peabody116$0.00
19.Christos Christopoulos 116$0.00
19.George Hunt116$0.00
22.Brendon Lynch124$0.00
23.Mark Moriarty125$0.00
  • Purse
  • How to Pay
    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
  • Trophy
The 2016 MGA Championship delivered an epic playoff in 2016, between perennial powerhouse Wild Hog and everyone’s-favorite-playing-partner, Nick Anderson, with Hog edging out The Brit for the win. It was the second consecutive year that the MGA was decided by playoff. As the weather heats up, so do Boston Medios’ games. If history is any guide, playing well for 18 holes will net you a nice payday—and second place. The Big Check will go to the guy prepared to play 20.

For the largest pot of the year, the namesake tournament returns to one of the most challenging courses on tour, and home of the 2015 Mryder Cup Championship: The Meadow at Peabody. The Meadow is as tough as they come. Winning here will require patience, smart play, and some good luck. Oh, and there’s no beer. Sack up, Medios. This one’s gonna be tough.



Group 1 - 10:00AM
  • 1. Andrew Southgate
  • 2. Christos Christopoulos
  • 3. Nat Gordon
  • 4. Andrew Gordon
Group 2 - 10:08AM
  • 1. Gregory Gagnon
  • 2. Alvaro Perez
  • 3. Jesse Drake
  • 4. George Hunt
Group 3 - 10:16AM
  • 1. Derek Peabody
  • 2. Brian Murray
  • 3. Mark OBrien
  • 4. Patrick Glendening
Group 4 - 10:24AM
  • 1. Colin Quigley
  • 2. Mark Moriarty
  • 3. Jonathan Scully
Group 5 - 10:32AM
  • 1. Glenn Lemieux
  • 2. Tyler Colombo
  • 3. Justin Limoli
  • 4. Daniel Morse
Group 6 - 10:40AM
  • 1. Vin Ferraro
  • 2. Mike Berk
  • 3. Nick Anderson
  • 4. Brendon Lynch

0 Crappy Players Registered

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