Chapter Leader: Vin Ferraro

Boston F.U. Open 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012 - 10:00am
Registration Closes June 9, 2012

Mike Berk
Most Mediocre
Tom Spenard
Biggest Meltdown
Shaun Neville
Longest Drive
Vin Ferraro
Closest To Pin
Gregory Collins
Gross Award
Shaun Neville
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Mike Berk92$1.35
2.Vin Ferraro95$0.90
3.Shaoyu Xue99$0.71
3.Randy Peach99$0.71
5.Shaun Neville100$0.60
6.Jonathan Schwartz101$0.53
7.Andrew Gordon105$0.45
8.Tom Spenard106$0.38
9.Gregory Collins110$0.30
10.Nat Gordon111$0.23
11.Bobby Sprouts114$0.15
12.Jonathan Scully116$0.07
12.Jeff Gallino116$0.07
14.Justin Pagel123$0.05
15.Mike Gates125$0.04
16.Charlie Pumphrey131$0.02
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    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
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For the 2012 F.U. Open, the MGA brings it's unique brand of golf to sunny Worcester! In 2011, Fatty Meat Chunks Ferraro finally found his way to the top of the mountain, exorcising the demon of two years of abject failure. The win followed the MGA Boston's first ever playoff, between Ferraro and T-Bone Boland. While the official video of Boland's epic meltdown has been lost, those who were there have likened it to a parents-on-in-laws orgy. In a word: unbearable. The loss would send Boland into a tailspin. After a win and two more second place finishes in the first four events, Boland would not get so close to a title for the rest of the 2011 season. A word of caution Medios: consistent success on the MGA tour requires unwavering mental toughness.



Group 1 - 10:00AM
  • 1. Bobby Sprouts
  • 2. Mike Berk
  • 3. Tom Spenard
  • 4. Jonathan Scully
Group 2 - 10:08AM
  • 1. Shaun Neville
  • 2. Nat Gordon
  • 3. Mike Gates
  • 4. Gregory Collins
Group 3 - 10:16AM
  • 1. Justin Pagel
  • 2. Andrew Gordon
  • 3. Shaoyu Xue
  • 4. Randy Peach
Group 4 - 10:24AM
  • 1. Jeff Gallino
  • 2. Jonathan Schwartz
  • 3. Vin Ferraro
  • 4. Charlie Pumphrey

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