Chapter Leader: Vin Ferraro

Boston Douche Bag Invitational 2020

Saturday, September 19, 2020 - 9:30am
Registration Closes September 11, 2020

Most Mediocre
Vin Ferraro
Biggest Meltdown
Derek Peabody
Longest Drive
Andrew Southgate
Closest To Pin
Matt McDonough
Gross Award
Matt McDonough
Key to the Red Tee
Padraic Lacey
Event Results
1.Matt McDonough91$1.35
2.Daniel Morse92$0.83
2.Michael Halbach92$0.83
4.William T. Gergits98$0.68
5.Andrew Gordon101$0.56
5.Andrew Southgate101$0.56
7.Jake Stowell104$0.45
8.Christos Christopoulos 106$0.38
9.Vin Ferraro107$0.30
10.Justin Limoli110$0.23
11.Matt Boland111$0.15
12.Mark Moriarty114$0.08
13.Bill Cronin118$0.06
13.Liam Supple118$0.06
15.Derek Peabody120$0.04
16.Padraic Lacey127$0.02
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The DBI Pop those collars and let those douche flags fly! The 2020 Douche Bag Invitational welcomes douches of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds. The one requirement: look the part. Wear your douchiness like the badge of honor it is. Come in style or prepare to be mocked.

After 2018 saw the first repeat winner in nine years, newcomer Willy “Mudflaps” Gergits got things back on track, becoming the 9th different winner in 10 years of douchery. The one-stroke victory put a firm period on the slightly-above-average rookie season for Mudflaps. Gergits has kept the momentum going in 2020 and now seeks to do what only one other douche has ever done: win two green visors. Is Willy a big enough douche? Will the utter douchiness of one of the former champs continue lead them to a second title? Or will another new douche take home the neon green visor and earn a seat at the Champions Table?


COVID-19 Precautions in Effect:
-Cashless transactions (pre-pay for event and contests via PayPal)
-Motorized carts OPTIONAL (1 player per cart, up to 4 carts per group)
-Golf carts are cleaned and sanitized after every use
-Only one grouping at a time allowed on tee
-Maintain 6-foot distance from other players throughout round
-Flagsticks to remain in throughout the round
-Coolers, ball washers, rakes and shoe cleaners have been removed
-MGA Guidelines 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.3, and 1.3.1 are rescinded – there will be no touching of other people’s balls OR shafts

Additional items may be added at any time.

-Event-Only: $55
-Event + LD/CTP Competitions: $60
-Event + 50/50 Raffle: $60
-All-in (Event, Comps, 50/50): $65
**All rates above are for walking only. For drive carts, add $22. Carts are limited to a single rider, or twosome from same household. Far Corner has no pull cart option (evidently, state guidelines advocate against).



Group 1 - 9:30AM
  • 1. Andrew Southgate
  • 2. Christos Christopoulos
  • 3. Jake Stowell
  • 4. Liam Supple
Group 2 - 9:40AM
  • 1. Bill Cronin
  • 2. Daniel Morse
  • 3. Matt McDonough
  • 4. Mark Moriarty
Group 3 - 9:50AM
  • 1. Andrew Gordon
  • 2. Padraic Lacey
  • 3. Justin Limoli
  • 4. Derek Peabody
Group 4 - 10:00AM
  • 1. Matt Boland
  • 2. William T. Gergits
  • 3. Michael Halbach
  • 4. Vin Ferraro

0 Crappy Players Registered

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