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North Dallas Is Now The Biggest Chapter In MGA History



El Presidente: Congratulations on running the biggest MGA Chapter in history. You've left many Chapter Leaders saying "Wow" and a few asking "Why?"! 84 members (at the time of questioning) is a lot of cats to herd, what made you want to get so big?

Greg Madrid: I’m a masochist but I also do the bidding of my co-leader Jeremy “JRAM” Ramey.  84 was not the plan but once El Pres said the record was 82 JRAM had to make it happen.  Thank God you didn’t say it was more.

Jeremy Ramey: Can we just talk about how much I like to send Greg’s stress meter off the charts? At a towering 5ft nothing, I am the poster child for the “Napoleon Complex”. Once I heard that the previous record was 82 it was a done deal. Thanks the Las Vegas MGA for the social media back and forth banter…it really fueled the fire. I told you everything is bigger In Texas, except for me, but Im from Huntington Beach California so I get a pass. Is herding this many drunk cats stressful? Nah!! Im a Marine and have years behind me of managing large groups in fortune 500 companies, this is one of the less stressful things I’ve done. Regardless of how bad you suck, people want structure in their life and the NDALMGA is here to deliver.


EP: Las Vegas MGA... Sounds familiar, but they don't really stand out in my mind for some reason. They must be one of our smaller chapters. Speaking of smaller chapters; lots of our chapters are happy with their current size, no matter what their girlfriends say, but for those who want to get bigger, do you have any advice on how to recruit new members?

GM: Get yourself a relentless bastard [JRAM] who can work the phone, Facebook and text.

JRAM: When Greg had me join him and our brothers over at DFW in 2017, I was instantly hooked on the idea of the MGA. It’s all about the story and how you tell it. This disaster covers a wide range of skillsets and if you can tap into what makes them tick, or suck for that matter, the members come pretty easy. I think retention is the most important part. Medios pay their hard earned cash to join up and do what the secretly hate with other like-minded hackers. It’s your job as a leader to deliver on an experience and if you are scatter brained, unorganized, boring or whatever, you are screwed. You only gotta do this shit one time a month at the very least, so do it right. If you do, you now have a bunch of Medios out there telling your story and they just come. Most importantly, don’t bite off more than you can chew. You know your mental capacity so stick with what makes you comfortable.

EP: Wow. I'm fired up just reading that! I need to get myself a JRAM. Now lets not forget I did run the biggest chapter in history before you guys came along, so I know running big events can bring a new set of challenges. You just held a 60 person Bastards and claim to have completed the round in 4 hours and 15 minutes. Everyone in the MGA knows this is not possible, so I have to ask what you're trying to prove by lying about what surely must have been a 6.5 hour round? 

GM: The Bastards was a huge success, especially since we had spent the week freaking out about the pace of play.  I think the push we needed was the threat of a MAX stroke 10 for the entire foursome if they were overtly SLUGGISH.  EL Presidente should come play a round to see for yourself.

JRAM: No bullshit here El Pres!! After our 1st year we realized that we really needed to make this a focus, a reality realized after trying to book a couple of our final tournaments this year with a few courses questioning whether or not they wanted to host us. Booking tourneys was typically Madrid’s deal, I thought I was going to lose him to a heart attack when he ran in to some pushback from some mildly unwilling event managers. Regardless we re-grouped, called in the reinforcements and somehow pulled it off. A chapter doesn’t exist if we have no place to display our talents, so there was no option.


EP: Well congrats on somehow cracking the code! I assume you'll be doing nothing by shotgun starts from now on. Are the courses being cool with that or do they try to tack on extra fees for the hassle of dealing with all the paying customers you're bringing to their course?

GM: Well we heard that a course GM did call other courses to let them know we were extremely slow, which made scheduling difficult, we also had to alter our name so they would call us back.  Luckily with our emphasis on pace of play and our last lighting fast round we’ll change that reputation.

JRAM: Man you know that being in Texas, shotgun starts are pretty mandatory. If you do not get out early in this summer heat, we are likely to lose a few dehydrated kinda alright hopefuls throughout the round. We do have a couple of courses that like to throw out crazy numbers like 72 players needed (challenge accepted) for a SG start, but we have yet to be unable to lock one in. Besides, if these Rednecks aren’t in the Clubhouse watching college football ASAP, shit goes sideways pretty fast. No crazy fees or anything, courses have been pretty straight up with us up to this point.


EP: The World Champ has had a solid start to his season with two top 10's, but he has yet to match the form he showed at MGAWC18. Do you think the intense competition in your massive chapter is going to help him step his game up for a strong run at defending his title or hurt his confidence if he goes through the entire season without a win?

GM:The Champ will be ready to defend.  The Belt and taking the Chapters Cup from DFW in Vegas is the goal.

JRAM: I still wake up occasionally in the middle of the night and ask myself where the Champ pulled that win out of his ass. But look man, the Champ is the Champ. I'm confident this dude has more tricks stashed up there, I mean have you seen the size of this guys Dad jeans? With a chapter this size competition is definitely fierce, but I can assure you that Ross is as cool as they come and he has all the tools to retain. Regardless of what happens, you can count on North Dallas to ride into MGAWC2019 as the favorites to pull off a clean sweep this year.


EP: Final question. Triple digits?

GM: God no!!! Don't do it JRam!

JRAM: I think it’s more of a question of when will it happen.  If I remember correctly I think we added 20 new members between the 1st and 3rd tourneys last year. Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of shitty golfers out there. And when we’ve got this many members out there telling the story, the sign ups just happen. I don’t think we ever imagined it getting to this level, but Im sure you and Dills know the feeling. It’s just a good thing going on at the moment. Rumor has it the “Lifetime Medio” has been retired, I think if we hit triple digits serious consideration should be put into reinstating it for a minute…what do you think Morley?


EP: You are correct. Automatic Lifetime Memberships for Chapter Leaders was retired a few years ago. However, while extremely elusive and hard to come by, Lifetime Memberships do still exist and can be awarded for major acheivements or actions that majorly impact the MGA in a positve way. A few people have submitted applications over the last couple years and nothing has fit the bill.


But this does.


Triple digits and you get a Lifetime Membership JRAM. Please don't hurt me...

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BASHING LAS VEGAS MGA EL PRESIDENTE !!! all right , im recruiting again ! ive got 70 now and now im pushing harder! great job dallas but guess what ,, you still suck ! lol

Lol!! I think that's the point, we all suck. Apparently more people in Dallas get it then anywhere else.

TRUTH ,, i see 100 in your future . only thing good about dallas is the cowboys !!

We better watch how far we take this, the next thing you know some medios will start recruit their wives to make numbers and then the real sh#t show begins..., P.S. I am only saying this because my wife read Eric's email last night and this article and started asking me about joining.


Kudos! Answering all the email, texts, calls and questions each event is a challenge with 20+ You guys are dialed in!

Congrats North Dallas!

#106 North Dallas MGA