Mmmmm, you can find me, in St. Louis rollin on dubs. Smokin on dubs in clubs, blowin up like cocoa puffs. Sippin Bud, gettin perved and getting dubbed. Daps and hugs, mean mugs and shoulder shrugs, and it's all because, 'ccumulated enough scratch just to navigate it, wood decorated on chrome and it's candy painted, fans fainted, while I'm entertainin. Wild ain't it? How me and money end up hangin. I hang with Hannibal Lector. So feel me when I bring it. Sing it loud (what?) I'm from the Lou and I'm proud. Run a mile, for the cause, I'm righteous above the law. Playa my style's raw, I'm "Born to Mack" like Todd Shaw. Forget the fame, and the glamour. Give me D's wit a rubber hammer. My grammar be's ebonics, gin tonic and chronic. Fuck bionic it's ironic, slammin niggaz like Onyx. Lunatics til the day I die. I run more game than the Bulls and Sonics.