Shamelessly Unexceptional

Come join our group of unexceptional golfers in and around Spring Hill Florida where you can feel good about how bad you play---just like the rest of us. You can even earn awards and recognition for it!

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The MGAWC Giveaway Is Back for 2021!

Thanks to our sponsor, one lucky Spring Hill medio will win a free 3-night, 2-round Stay-and-Play package for the MGA World Championship in Las Vegas in November. There will be a drawing in September after our match play event to determine who gets to go.  Our chapter members (Chapter Leader not included) will earn entries into this drawing in three ways:

  1. Each Spring Hill medio will get one entry into the drawing for every one of our chapter events since the beginning of the year through September in which they play (and finish).  This includes the S.H.I.T Show and the Dirty Southern Region Classic.
  2. Each top placed finisher in our regular MGA-sanctioned tournaments through September will get a "Do you feel lucky, punk?" envelope.  Each envelope will contain one or more additional entries into the drawing.
  3. Each Stepped in Shit award winner through September will get one additional entry into the drawing.

Note that the drawing winner may not sell or otherwise transfer their prize to someone else. The winner will have a short period of time after the drawing to purchase their MGAWC21 package and then the Chapter Leader will reimburse them for their cost for up to the amount of the 3-night, 2-round package. If the drawing winner does not show proof of this purchase in that period, another winner will be drawn.


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