South O.C.

Chapter Leader: Cengiz Tekin


Welcome to the South Orange County Mediocre Golf Association. If you're here, you should already be acquainted with what the MGA is and what we stand for. If you're not, stop reading this, and go read this:

Also, if you're reading this, you have been vetted by an MGA member and confirmed as a non-douche person and golfer. If you think you may have escaped assessment, or think you may in fact be a douche, stop reading this. Go read whatever else you want, I don't care. But don't come back.

If you're STILL reading this, welcome. There are more than a few chapters in Southern California to choose from, and as much as we want to trash the others, some of them are kinda alright. However, the South OC is in fact the best. There are handed-down sacred texts from the golf gods themselves that confirm this. You may examine them for yourself, but we don’t recommend it (picture those fellas looking into the ark at the end of Indiana Jones). That, or, you can come tee it up with us, and confirm it with your own experience.