Welcome to the Nashville chapter of the Mediocre Golf Association. After a brief hiatus, the chapter has returned and is looking to offer members the chance to show off their mediocrity on some of Nashvilles' courses. Event dates are finalized and available under the "schedule" tab. While the dates are locked in, the courses will become finalized as the season progresses. You will notice all events have a registration cut off date 8 days prior to the event. This is to ensure that I can let the course know exactly how many players we will have for that specific event. After joining, please input at least 5 recent scores into your account. This is to help establish your handicap which is used for scoring during the events. As this is the first year that the MGA is back in Nashville, there will be some growing pains. I am hoping things will run as smoothly as possible, but if there are any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I am also happy to answer any questions that may come up. My cell is 865-278-6172 At the end of the day, this league is meant to be a fun, enjoyable time for all involved. We value competition, but anyone who ruins the experience for others will be given a one event ban, and if it happens again, will be removed from the league. Enjoy the mediocre golf, brush up on the league rules, and don't take things too seriously. Let's have a great year!