Thank you for visiting the Midland Chapter home page. If you are not a douche... and love golf, please join us for our inaugural year as a chapter (2022) It's kind of that simple! Worried about joining? Mediocre is for people who like to golf, who like to drink (or not), and who want to play in a tournament with other like minded individuals for absolutely nothing but an oversized check with fake money, pointless trophies, and cheap prizes to show off how much you kinda suck. If you haven't looked around or heard about us, it's pretty simple. We have 8 "tournaments" which make fun of the PGA tournaments and we play every month starting in April. the schedule will be updated throughout the season for place and time, but just plan on every month. Is this just a Midland thing? NOPE! This is an international thing and we have the MGA World Cup hosted in Las Vegas in early November. It's a huge blast so you must plan on attending! What do we take seriously? Rules, we take rules of golf seriously. Bogey golf is the goal and shooting in the 70's results in you being DQ'd...no kidding. Once again, this is the Mediocre Golf Association. We all suck at some level in this game. We play out every shank, fuck up, and missed putt. Join us for some fun this year and come meet a lot of kinda alright people for some non- serious golf. Face it...you suck....so sign up now! Tell your cool friends they can come too...and leave the kids at home!