The most Hobart chapter in the MGA.

Debuting at the FU Open in 2011, HobartMGA was Australia's second MGA chapter. As the southern most chapter in the world we play winter tournaments, but being Tasmanians it's always in shorts.

Scratch/slope ratings
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Photos and updates and crap
Get on us here: facebook.com/HobartMGA
And here: instagram.com/HobartMGA
And use this #HBAMGA

Chapter Money List winners
2011 - David Hamilton // 2012 - Ben Hardaker // 2013 - David Hamilton // 2014 - James Teirney // 2015 - Andrew McConnon // 2016 - Dean Lowe // 2017 - Rob Braithwaite// 2018 - Dale Potter

Hobart medios on Instagram
James Teirney (@jt_or_grabba) // Rob Braithwaite (@rob_tvpg) // Luke Mathyssen (@smatho10) // Chris White (@whitey_5_11) // Paul Wright (@hebeshebealways) // David Hamilton (@davidh2812) // Ben Hardaker (@hardakerben)