If you find yourself sitting in the fairway and still manage to avoid birdies and pars, if you know that a 10-foot putt means a 3-putt, or if bogeys are a cause for celebration, this is the league for you.

We have inexplicably been around for 11 seasons now. While our new year is underway it is not too late to join.

Information for returning and new members:

  1. Generally registration will only open up a few weeks before each tournament. This is to keep people from registering 4 months out and "forgetting" their kid's birthday was on the same day as a major.
  2. Rebel Beach Am-Am has a team competition as well as the regular individual one. Find a partner. Dress alike. Try to take home the trophy.
  3. FU Open is your chance to show your patriotism. Don your favorite red white & blues.
  4. We play by USGA rules. No gimmes, no mulligans, play it as it lies.
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