2022 season news for Asheville MGA

I have created sign-up pages for all of the 2022 season events, and a few off-season events.

Asheville MGA FAQ

Can I bring guests? Of course, just contact the chapter leader and let me know in advance if you have guests when you sign up.

How did you choose those dates? There is a recommended schedule and I have tried to keep within a week of it, my own commitments and dates that medios have told me were good for them. I have mixed in some Saturdays with Sundays since many of you wanted some Saturday tournaments

When will I know the course? This is the tricky one - we are not big enough to book out a course, and most courses don't allow groups to book themselves in more than two weeks in advance, unless you have an in. I'm going to look for the course that has the best schedule available for each tournament, aiming for a tee time no later than 10am on any course.

But I can't play that day, how about the next day/week/month! Contact the chapter leader. Everything is mutable. Also look at the schedule for Charlotte and Knoxville!