Kinda alright since 2011. Welcome to Asheville MGA. We usually play on Sundays kinda early, and play courses within an hours drive of Asheville in all directions. For 2019 we are going to coordinate with the chapter in Knoxville so that we aren't playing on the same day, that means you can play both tournaments if you want, one as a guest and one as a competitor. Every member will get a sleeve of Asheville MGA balls at their first event, so come join in the fun. Contact the chapter leader if you have any questions. 2019 tentative schedule

March 10: Hack and Slash Invitational (preseason event)

March 24: Rebel Beach Am-Am

April 21: The Bastards

May 19: Asheville The MGA

June 23: Freedom and Unity Open

July 14: Bratish Open

August 18: FORE!

September 15: Douchebag Invitational

October 13: The Last Gasp

October 20: The Western Mid-Southern Classic III - Asheville vs Knoville in Sevierville